explora en Patagonia

Hotel Salto Chico

 And the end of all exploration will be to arrive where you
started and see the place for the first time. --T.S. Eliot

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explora's Architecture

The architecture of explora hotels is designed to bring its guests into intimate contact with the magnificent natural world of the remote Patagonian, located on a remarkable site on the shores of Lago Pehoe in Patagonia, was built to provide a convenient departure point for exploration.   Today, the hotel serves as a place of contemplative refuge and restful return after each journey into the awe-inspiring natural beauty of this extraordinary environment. 

A Different Place

Careful consideration has been given  to ensure comfort, including bed linen imported from Barcelona, tapestries from New York and wicker furniture from Chimbarongo. All of our other furniture is handmade, using a variety of local woods. There are modern communication facilities, radio and television channels. 

  Rooms, Suites, Services & Facilities  


Sociedad Exploradora del Sur De America
Avda. Americo Vespucio Sur 80, Piso 5
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
 Reservations:  (56-2) 2066060
General Office: (56-2) 2066060 

Direct Fax: (562) 228-46-55
Toll Free Fax # USA: (800) 858-0855,

Canada: (800) 275-1129
Germany: (013) 082-23-53
E-mail: explora@entelchile.net
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