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Hotel Salto Chico

Rooms & Suites 
The hotel's 30 rooms are laid out as follows: 

8 Cordillera Paine (26 square meters). 
View of Macizo del Paine (with Jacuzzi). 

4 Exploradores Suites (39 square meters). 
View of Macizo del Paine and Jacuzzi.

2 Rio Paine (19 square meters). 
View of Salto Chico waterfall. 

16 Cordillera Paine (26 square meters). 
Six with view of Salto Chico waterfall; 
10 of Macizo del Paine.

Additional beds for children 12 and under are available for the Cordillera Paine rooms (either category) and for the Exploradores Suites. 

Services & Facilities

Amenities include a general store, library, video game room, open-air Jacuzzis, saunas, a gymnasium (complete with massages), heated swimming pool, and private dock, in addition to: 

  • Assigned lockers for each room, located at the entrance of the hotel, for the safekeeping of all exploration gear. 
  • Restaurant and bar room service. 
  • In-room telephones with national and international direct dial service. (Fax service is also available.) 
  • A satellite dish for communication access to Chile and the world. 
  • Meeting rooms to accommodate up to 60 people. 
  • Radio communication with all exploration vehicles. 
  • Laundry service. 
  • Babysitting service. 


Sociedad Exploradora del Sur De America
Avda. Americo Vespucio Sur 80, Piso 5
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
 Reservations:  (56-2) 2066060
General Office
(56-2) 2066060
Fax: (562) 228-46-55
Toll Free Fax # USA:  (800) 858-0855
Canada:  (800) 275-1129
Germany:  (013) 082-23-53
E-mail: explora@entelchile.net
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