Turks and Caicos Weddings


Visa Requirements, Climate, Currency, Clothing and more!

Getting There 
Airport and Airline Information, 
Charter Services and Local 

Where to Stay 
Necessary Documents, Ceremonies, Local Ministers and Honeymoons!



Planning & Preparation

Planning and preparations for the wedding ceremony, photographers, florists, videotaping, reception and honeymoon packages can be arranged by the hotel of your choice in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Wedding Information

Information for getting married in the Turks and Caicos Islands The Pristine beaches, snorkeling and diving, deserted cays, sparkling turquoise waters, refreshing breezes, starlit nights, excellent hotels & amenities and the happy friendly people of the Turks and Caicos Islands make up the perfect destination for marriages and honeymooners.

Weddings here are celebrations, church bells ringing, champagne on ice, decorated vehicles honking horns, music and dancing amongst happy faces and greetings from everyone. Weddings are also small and intimate, in a garden or tropical foliage where singing is done by the variety of birds, or in sail boat on our tranquil turquoise waters along the shores with a view of the beaches and rolling hills and the breakers on the barrier reef.
The Turks and Caicos Islands offer to you our visitors this unique experience.

The traditional church wedding is the most popular wedding in the Turks and Caicos, our places of worship represent the following religions: 

Anglican: 001809 9462289 
Methodists: 001809 9462115 
Baptist: 001809 9462295 
Roman Catholic: 001809 9415136 
Faith Tabernacle: 001809 9464214 
Seven Day Adventist: 001809 9462065 
New Testament Church of God: 001809 942235 
Jehovah's Witnesses
and Brethren Pentecostal Churches:
001809 9462532 
Church of God of Prophecy: 001809 9462394 

Office Weddings

For easy and less expensive weddings couples get married at the following places: 

The Marriage office or the court house.

Parsonage & Garden Weddings

Some couples prefer to get married in the quiet setting of a parsonage or garden, most hotels here have gardens.

Wedding finger Beach Weddings

Weddings on the beach can be very picturesque especially with the beautiful glow of sunset in the background. Once a desired spot is chosen by the couples provisions can be made and this makes for an excellent setting.

Hotel Weddings

Most visitors prefer to have their wedding at the hotel at which they are staying at, arrangements can be made to utilize any available area of the hotel that meets the couples wishes.


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