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ISweden is a country healthily endowed with all the vital qualities a meeting destination must have: it is organized, high tech, safe and reliable. People everywhere speak English, and the infrastructure is highly developed. Added to all this is Sweden's unbeatable scenic beauty, an environment so attractive that it makes business a pleasure.

Stockholm, as well as the other major cities, offer spectacular settings for receptions and banquets. Imagine holding your banquet in the Stockholm City Hall, where we can recreate for you the menu for any of the Nobel Banquets that have been held in this dignified space since 1901. By night, the Vasa Museum can be transformed into an enchanting setting for banquets and receptions of any size group--from 20 to 2,000. For the winter holidays, you can celebrate in traditional Swedish fashion with guest appearances by Santa Claus and Santa Lucia, the queen of light.  

And for a major conference, consider the spectacular setting of Gothenburg's indoor arena, the Scandinavium. Stockholm's Globe Arena seats 12,000, and the Stockholm International Fairs and Conference Center can accommodate 15,000 participants. Many outstanding sites and facilities are available as well in Stockholm's more than 150 hotels. There are several Destination Management and Convention Management companies in Sweden; for more information, contact us at the Swedish Tourism and Travel Council.

Sweden also has cosmopolitan, progressive atmosphere; it is home to a greater number of large multinational companies per capita than any other nation on earth. Its export growth is outstanding, helping to give it one of the world's largest trade surpluses. Over the past several years, productivity in Sweden has risen at a rate exceeding that of any other OECD country.

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