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St Martin Restaurants and Nightlife

Cuisine of St. Martin

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One of the most wonderful things about St. Martin is its cuisine. This is one of the few places in the Caribbean where you can get a "taste of France" at highly reasonable prices, and the availability of fresh fish and shellfish makes delicious seafood a prime menu item.

Being French, dining is taken very seriously: multi-course meals can typically last all evening, although there's no law stating you can't eat and run. The best places to grab a fast, delicious bite are the "Lo-Lo"s clinging to the seashore. These small shacks may not look like much, but their openess lures you in with aromas of tasty jerk chicken and grilled fish; real Caribbean cooking at a price of under ten dollars.


Bikini Beach
Orient Beach Elisa Cohen 87 43 25

Boo Boo Jam
Orient Bay Ruben Beauperthuy 70 313

Coco Beach
Esmeralda Resort Marie Claire Decabooter 87 34 62
Orient bay

Le Galion
Baie de l’Embouchure Patrick "Pat" Turner 87 37 25

Le Grand Bleu
Hotel Baie Nettlé M. Piacentino 87 68 10

Orient Bay H Thibeaudau & D Pozzo di Borgo 87 43 26

Kali’s Beach Bar
Friar’s Bay Kali & Caroline 29 18 09

Orient Bay Gérald Ravel 87 43 27

Pittou’s Beach Bar
Pinel Island Pierre Martin 87 38 17

Orient bay Albert Calamari 87 43 19

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St Martin Restaurants

St Martin Restaurants