Sheraton Acapulco Resort
Acapulco, Mexico

1996 Room Rates

Jan. 01 - Mar. 28
July 12 - Aug. 31
Mar. 29 - Apr. 13 Apr. 14 - July 11
Sep. 01 - Dec. 19
Dec. 20 - Dec. 31
Rack A: US$160 US$170 US$140 US$180
Rack B: US$145 US$155 US$130 US$165
Rack C: US$130 US$140 US$115 US$150
Rack D: US$130 US$140 US$110 US$135
Rack E: US$250 US$280 US$230 US$300
Rack F: US$350 US$380 US$330 US$400
Set 1: US$118 US$127 US$105 US$136
Set 2: US$108 US$117 US$96 US$125
Set 3: US$104 US$112 US$92 US$120
Set 4: US$100 US$108 US$88 US$115
Set 5: US$96 US$104 US$85 US$111
Set 6: US$93 US$100 US$82 US$107
Corp: US$124 US$133 US$110 US$143
Gov't: US$120 US$130 US$95 US$140
Dcs: US$118 US$127 US$105 US$136
Ex. Bed: US$25 US$25 US$25 US$25

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For reservations at any ITT Sheraton property, contact your travel agent, call toll-free (800) 325-3535 in the US and Canada, or the nearest ITT Sheraton Hotel Reservations Office.

Sheraton Acapulco Resort
Costera Guitarron No. 110
Acapulco Guerrero
39359 Mexico
Tel: (74) 812222
Fax: (74) 843760
Telex: 16803 SHERME

All major credit cards accepted.

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