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Due to its mountainous interior, Grenada possesses an irregular coastline, marked by many small bays and inlets. As a result, it offers several secluded and private beaches, many of which seem to have been untouched since the island rose from the sea. Most of the better-known beaches are in the southwestern part of Grenada, including the beaches at Calabash, Lance aux Epines, and Horseshoe. This is also the location of Grenada's most famous stretch of sand, the two-mile long Grand Anse. Located just south of St. George's, this stunning soft white sand beach has attracted many of the island's hotels and resorts. Unlike other islands however, Grenada has made sure that the development is very unobtrusive. By law, no hotel on the island can exceed three stories or the height of the palm trees, and the accommodations along Grand Anse include many intimate and cosy inns.

Walking, Hiking, Trekking
With its astonishing natural beauty and wide variety of ecosystems and terrain, Grenada offers some of the finest walking, hiking, and trekking opportunities in the Caribbean.

act02.jpg (23234 bytes)Yachting
Grenada's surrounding waters offer some of the best sailing in the Caribbean, and the island is as a result one of the yachting centers of the Caribbean. Even if you're not a sailor, you shouldn't miss an opportunity to enjoy the excitement of a regatta or the pleasures of a day or evening cruise. The Grenada Yacht Club organizes quite a few sailing events each year, including most notably the Grenada Sailing Festival in February, and there are several charter companies that offer cruises.

Scuba-Diving & Snorkeling
Grenada offers a number of excellent snorkeling and dive locations, many of which are among the last great unexplored dive sites in the Caribbean. The west coast of the island is edged by one long offshore reef, and the reef itself is marked by the 600-foot wreck of the Bianca, a cruiseliner that went down here in 1961. The most convenient snorkeling is found in the area just south of Grand Anse beach. This said, however, visitors should know that the real center of dive activity is around Grenada's sister island, Carriacou. Although largely undeveloped, Carriacou is accessible by boat and plane, offers a number of accommodations, and is encircled by marvellous, pristine reefs.

Deep-Sea Fishing,
Sport fishermen have long recognized the abundance of Grenada's surrounding waters, and the annual Spice Island Game Fishing Tournament attracts pros from all over the world. For the rest of us, there are plenty of charter companies that offer day trips to the same fine fishing grounds.

Water Sports
An extensive range of watersports is available in Grenada, including parasailing, diving, and cruising. Most resorts offer the full array of beach watersports, and a number of companies specialize in charters and rentals.

The Grenada Golf & Country Club is a nine-hole course located near Grand Anse. Facilities include club rental, instruction, a clubhouse offering snacks and a bar, and caddy service. For more information, call 473-444-4128.

Visitors interested in a few sets of tennis needn't look far, as many hotels have tennis facilities. Even if your hotel doesn't, it is quite easy to make arrangements for a court with another that does. There are also public courts at Grand Anse.

The best buys in Grenada are batik and screen printed textiles, locally made handicraft, leather craft, and wood carvings. Attractive jewelry is sold by Spice Island Jewelry. Spices, locally-made jams, jellies, and syrups, especially nutmeg, local fresh fruits and vegetables are other good buys.

Grenada also offers fine duty-free bargains. Gittens Duty Free Shops have an excellent selection of duty free perfumes and cosmetics, both on the Carenage and at their newly expanded shop at the airport. Jewelry, crystal, and other gifts are available at Bon Voyage, on the Carenage and at the airport. Colombian Emeralds at the airport offers a fine selection of quality duty free jewelry. Duty free liquor is available at the airport.

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