Practical Info

Entertainment, Dining, and Shopping in Austria...



The Staatsoper and the Volksoper perform daily in Vienna, except during July and August. The Vienna Boys' Choir can be heard every Sunday and on religious holidays, from Jan. 1 through late June, and from mid-September to Dec. 31.

The Spanish Riding School has Sunday performances in Vienna from early March until the end of June and from the beginning of September to the end of October. Also see the Prater amusement park and ride the Giant Ferris Wheel.

The delightful coffeehouses of Vienna and Salzburg are the spots for animated discussions.

Check out in-spots and pub listings in Young Vienna Scene, available from the tourist office.

Food & Drink

Early breakfast consists of coffee and rolls. Midmorning is Gabelfrühstück, a time for a hot dish, perhaps a sausage.

Lunch is a noontime dinner. Jause, the late-afternoon refreshment, can be a feast of cakes, sandwiches and coffee. Dinner may be cold meats and a salad, with more coffee and cake later. Favorite foods include Schnitzel, Wiener Backhendl (the queen of fried chicken) and sausages.

For dessert, a rich pastry, such as strudel or Sachertorte, and coffee, which is available in many versions, including: ein grosser Brauner (a large espresso with a bit of milk or cream); Melange (coffee with a lot of milk) and ein kleiner Mokka (a very small, concentrated espresso).

In the Grinzing district are taverns called Heurigen that serve local wines of the same name. Wineries also offer tours and tastings. A keller or a stube is a good place to meet people and sample Austrian beer.


Handicrafts are renowned for beauty and quality, and include petit-point needlework, knitwear, loden-cloth coats and jackets, Tyrolean hats, dirndls, down quilts, hand-painted porcelain, wood carvings and dolls. KŠrntnerstrasse and Graben in Vienna are outdoor malls that house many top stores. Art lovers will find a treasure trove in antiques shops and at frequently held auctions.