Origin & Idea 

explora's expeditions are designed to recreate the mystique of exploration that sent many intrepid travellers into the unknown during the age of discovery. We take into account the ecological sensitivities of our time, providing guests with the unforgettable experience of enjoying the untouched beauty of the natural and cultural environment of remote areas, while sustaining their fragility. These preservation measures include contemplative activities like bird watching, photography, trekking, and horseback riding. We do not allow smoking, nor do we use vehicles that intrude upon the tranquility of the environment, like speedboats or motorcycles. 

Our trips are not adventures; no goals are set and there is no competition. explora believes that travelling should be a search for the unexpected--not knowing what lies beyond the horizon, but anticipating hidden pleasures. The emphasis here is on freedom--freedom to have fun alone, or freedom to change one's mind and be in company with others who share the same interests. Even the weather does not mandate when or where we go; every day has its own merits. To avoid unnecessary risk, explora has developed a very thorough system of well-trained and seasoned guides who are equipped to deal with any situation. 

After a day of hiking or riding to the remote sites of the region, a beautiful retreat awaits at the Hotel Salto Chico. We designed the hotel to conform to explora's mandate to interact with nature without intruding. The small, gracious building supports its environment, enhancing the beauty of the site. Inside, guests are insulated from the ruggedness of the outside and can observe the surrounding landscape from the warmth and security of the hotel. The accommodations are refined, providing the essentials while avoiding the superfluous and focusing more on comfort than on indulgence. 


Science & Magic

Scientific expeditions pursue the calculable dimensions of nature. explora wishes to discover its incalculable dimension--the magic which is experienced, but cannot be measured. 

Our explorations attract people who are sensitive to the poetic beauty of nature, possess spontaneous humor and are seeking a sense of freedom and spaciousness. The explora experience is the kind of getaway that lets people forget what it was they wanted to get away from in the first place, and a humbling reminder that we are just a small part of a greater world.



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