O  F    T  H  E    B  A  H  A  M  A  S

Abaco National Park Parrot Preserve
Located in southern Abaco, it is the nesting area and habitat of the Abaco Parrot.

Black Sound Cay, The Abacos
A miniature park just off Green Turtle Cay, comprising a thick stand of tropical mangrove and serving as a habitat for waterfowl.

Conception Island National Park
A major sanctuary for wintering birds, a rookery for a variety of sea birds and an egg-laying site for the Green Turtle.

Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park
Established in 1958, it is unique because of its 176 square miles of outstanding anchorages and a stunning marine environment.

Inagua National Park,
Great Inagua
It is known worldwide as the nesting ground for the largest colony of wild West Indian flamingos--about 60,000. These birds were almost extinct just a few years ago.

Lucayan National Park,
Grand Bahama Island
This park takes its name from the "Lucayans," original inhabitants of The Bahamas. It has one of the longest charted underwater cave systems in the world--more than six miles. Some of the caves have revealed important details of life in the islands before Columbus came.

Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park,
The Exumas
It has sensational undersea caves, seemingly endless coral reefs and abundant plant and marine life.

Peterson Cay National Park
This cay and surrounding coral reefs are 1 1/2 acres of wonderland, just off Grand Bahama Island.

The Rand Memorial Nature Centre,
Grand Bahama Island
It is 100 acres of natural beauty, including a 2,000-ft. nature trail through native coppice and pine barrens, a flock of West Indian flamingos and a library. One can also bird watch and participate in other eco-related activities.

The Retreat, Nassau/Paradise Island Island
Located in residential Nassau, it was once a private home and is now headquarters of the Bahamas National Trust. Its grounds hold an 11-acre private collection of palms--the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

Tilloo Cay National Protected Area
Located between Marsh Harbour in The Abacos, and the Pelican Cays in The Exumas, it provides protection for many endangered species.

Union Creek Reserve, Great Inagua
A 7-square-mile enclosed tidal creek that is a captive breeding research site for giant sea turtles, especially the Green Turtle.



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