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Cuisine & Nightlife

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There are two things Sao Paulo is best known for in Brazil: business and food. Because the city's sprawling population represents every ethnicity in the country, cuisine in Sao Paulo becomes a matter of choice. There are thousands of restaurants, and if there's something you crave it's bound to be there, be it the obscurest of world cuisine or a simple slice of pizza - a local favorite.

Some popular foods in the city:

  • Tutu a Mineira: Mashed beans served with roasted pork loin, cabbage, and rice.
  • Pao de Queijo: cheese bread.
  • Acaraje: Fried shrimp pie.
  • Virada Paulista: Rice, beans and banana served with meat.
  • Feijoada: A stew of black beans and a variety of meats, served with rice and kale.
  • Polenta: Baked dough of corn flour with salt.
  • Churrasco: Excellent quality barbecued meat
  • Pastel: Fried pies eaten with various fillings like meat, cheese, guava, and condensed milk.

Nightlife is almost equally varied. In Sao Paulo, you can find nightclubs offering every beat in Brazil, as well as jazz and disco. The two main entertainment districts are Rua 13 de Maio and Jardins, and some of the best-known shows can be seen at Olympia, Palace, and Tom Brasil.

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