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Welcome to Latin
America and the
world of Starwood
Hotels & Resorts.

Throughout this vast
and exciting region
Starwood brings
together Sheraton,
Westin, Four Points,
and The Luxury
Collection with
ideal locations in
the most important
Business cities and
the most desirable
leisure destinations.

Just click and
explore the many
different cultures
and countries
represented in this
exciting and
extremely diverse
region. From here
go to our Corporate
Web where you can
choose and book
the perfect
Sheraton, Westin,
The Luxury
Collection or Four
Points property for
your trip.

We hope you enjoy
your travels
throughout Latin
America with
Starwood Hotels &


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A country of wide-open pampas and ancient forests, Argentina is as wild as its capital city, Buenos Aires, is sophisticated.  

Its vibrant diversity and geographical abundance seem to embody everything that is best in South America. Through the lush heart of Brazil flows the Amazon, and along its coast is found a dazzling string of great cities: the pulse-pounding resort of Rio; sprawling, metropolitan Sao Paulo; and, further north, the entrancing canals and bustling piers of Recife.  

In the world's longest country -north to south, nature runs the gamut of its most dramatic forms - enormous glaciers, craggy granite spires, and towering volcanic cones dominate the landscape. Torres del Paine National Park is widely held to be the finest park in the Americas.  

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With both the most populous city in the world, and some of the most beautiful beaches, Mexico is a lively destination. A variety of natural wonders from lush tropical rainforests to mountains and deserts make Mexico a gem for the adventurer, but its real treasure is in the spirit of its people.  

The landscape of Peru is as epic as its history. The shadows, canyons, and plateaus of the vertiginous Andes hide the remains of one of the world's most extraordinary empires - the Inca - while their eastern slopes are the cradle of the Amazon River itself. 

parrot.JPG (9389 bytes)Venezuela
As much a Caribbean country as it is a South American anchor, Venezuela is unique. At night, the capital of Caracas comes to life with the rhythms of the Caribbean. The nation also has a few geographical superlatives, including the world's highest waterfall and South America's biggest lake.  

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