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Parc National de la Comoe

The premier game park in the Côte d'Ivoire is the Parc National de la Comoe, located in the elevated savanna and forest in the northeast. Comoe occupies over 4,300 square miles (11,00 sq. km.) and is home to a variety of big game animals (lions, elephants, hippos) as well as many species of birds.


This western city is the centre of the Dan people, one of the most interesting tribal cultures of western Africa. The Dan are especially noted for their traditional masks and stilt dances. Man is also the focal point of a region of particular natural beauty. The surrounding area is thickly forested and mountainous, and its attractions include the striking rock formations of La Dent.

The Senufo

The Senufo are a traditional agricultural people of the northern savanna, renowned around the world for their woodcarving. Senufo masks, used in ritual forms of ancestor worship, are particularly prized by collectors. The Senufo are also widely celebrated for their music, which makes use of marimbas and tuned iron gongs in addition to an array of other instruments.

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