"The delicate balance that we strike
with adventure and romance, with
Amazon nature and your nurture,
provides a thrilling experience
enriched by your guides'
"Interpretation of Nature."

Dr. Illar Muul, President, Integrated Conservation Research, Frederick, Maryland Consultant, construction Amazonian Cacique canopy walkway, guide training for "Interpretation of Nature."

Hotel Tower's two rainforest lodges, Amazonian Cacique Manabaru and Amazonian Cacique Madewini, are each comprised of 12 private cabins with decks, modern bathrooms, polished hardwood floors, comfortable bedrooms, main dining and recreation buildings with safe and easy interconnecting paths and walkways.  Nature adventure is made as convenient, accessible and safe as possible while providing the creature comforts that make for a relaxing vacation. Each couples' own guide provide complete flexibility to visit the canopy walkway, reverse aquarium, trails, creeks for swimming and sunbathing unique privacy.

    Each Amazonian Cacique tour includes a day of charter aircraft flying over the waterfalls of the Ireng River on Guyana's Brazil border and Kaieteur Falls for lunch overlooking the Gorge. Spend the afternoon taking in the unusual, unspoiled diversity surrounding these Falls.  Return to Amazonian Cacique Madewini for sunset by the savannah.
  • Both Lodges are currently under construction.  Project opening: 1998.  Upate on progress posted here every quarter.

  • All accommodations and tours are all-inclusive, excepting alcohoilc beverages - from arrival to departure. You will not discover any hidden charges. Not included: Long distance and satellite phone calls, dry cleaning, medical and medivac insurance (mandatory), exclusive requirements requested, any expenses of any guest subsequently invited to join you after arrival, any private purchases such as gifts.

  • Reservations at individual Lodges or custom itineraries available. Size to make any reservations 1-24. Three basic Amazonian Cacique tours are also offered - 3-night, 4-day; 6-night, 7-day; 10-night, 11-day;  All tours begin on any even day of the month.
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