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For thousands of years the Sinai peninsula has been a major region for religious pilgrimages. To that extent one could say that tourism is nothing new to the area. In the last few decades, however, the shape of tourism has considerably changed as millions have come for the spectacular dive sites that dot the region. Around the diving culture, a whole new industry has flourished to meet the growing demands of tourists, divers and non-divers alike.

Now when you visit the Sinai you have a choice from a variety of activities. In addition to watersports like swimming, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, paddleboating, jetskiing, and fishing, numerous on-land activities have become available. You can arrange to take a safari around the marvelous geographical and ecological features of the region. Birders will be particularly pleased by the variety and uniqueness of the endemic species. As well, many of the local hotels and sports centers host games and sports, such as aerobics, bowling, tennis, golf, and bicycling. And finally, a not-to-be-missed opportunity in the Sinai are the tours on horseback and camelback.



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