Transportation: Getting There

The Sinai can be reached by air, bus or car. EgyptAir flies to the peninsula from Cairo and Luxor (Airport: 601056-8; Sharm el-Sheikh Mövenpick Hotel Jolie Ville: 600314/600100). The National Bus Service operates daily between most of the major towns on the peninsula. Since some buses leave only once a day, check schedules. It's advisable to book in advance for the more frequently travelled passages, such as between Sharm and Cairo (tel: 699250). A Super Jet Bus Service also operates daily at 11 pm between Sharm and Cairo (tel: 601622). Safaris and car travel can be arranged through hotels and dive centers. If you are coming by bus from Israel, remember that you will need a visa to enter Egypt.

Getting Around Most travel in Sinai keeps to the coastal roads, although a few paved roads link the major settlements of the interior. Most sites can be reached by bus from the resort centers of the south. Expect to pay car or truck drivers more for any travel in the lower peninsula; if you are driving yourself, remember that foreigners are forbidden to leave the main roads. There is regular ferry service between Nuweiba and Aqaba and between Hurghada and Sharm el-Moya (Sharm el-Sheikh's southern harbour). A tuftuf (open-sided bus) operated by the local council runs every half-hour between Na'ama Bay and Sharm el-Moya from 6:30am to midnight (cost: LE 1).

Car Rental
Alex Limousine Cataract Hotel, Na'ama Bay Tel/Fax: 600091
Avis Sonesta Beach Resort, Na'ama Bay Tel: 600979/600725
Fax: 600979
Budget Coral Bay Hotel, Coral Bay Tel: 601610
Fax: 600836
Economy Taba Tel: 530056
Elite Na'ama Bay Tel: (02) 360-9976
Fax: (02) 348-1984
Hertz Mövenpick Hotel, Na'ama Bay Tel: 600140/50
Limousine Misr Sinai Travel Tel: 600640
Max Europcar Hilton Fayrouz Resort, Na'ama Bay Tel: 600140/50
Nuweiba Hilton Coral Resort, Nuweiba Tel: 530320
Taba Hilton Resort, Taba Tel: 530301
Payless Ghazala Hotel, Na'ama Bay Tel: 600150
Fax: 600155



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