Next to Blue Hole, The Canyon is Dahab’s most talked about site, and easily one of Sinai’s most interesting dives. The Canyon lies about three miles north of Assalah, and to reach it you snorkel off the beach, through a large coral lagoon, then veer left upon hitting the open sea. Coming into view is The Canyon, which begins with a large rock head cloven by a fissure. Descend down to the rock and follow the fissure until you find the wide entrance. Passing through entrance, divers find themselves surrounded by the teeming life and rich contours of The Canyon’s walls. Strict attention should be paid to depth, as the floor can reach a perilous 180 ft. After exiting The Canyon, dive back to the entrance (if you have the air left) and check-out "the fishtank," a large coral bowl bursting with small fish.


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