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Places - The Web's most complete on-line guide on where to go in Malaysia, map included.Activities - What is there to do in Malaysia, anyway?
People - An introduction to Malaysia's culture, including its arts, crafts, music and national pastimes.History - Follow the visual timeline of Malaysia's History, from the stone age to yesterday.
Malaysia's National ParksNight in Taman Negara - When the sunsets behind the rain forest, the show is just beginning.
Fun - Win a free trip to Malaysia, all the answers are on this site.Caves of Wonder - The Mulu Caves have been called one of the world's natural wonders, find out why.
Life in a Longhouse - A look at Borneo's unique "village."
Contact Us - We love feedback.Calendar of Events - Important dates and festival info.

Malaysian Crafts including Batik, Kite Making, Pewter Making, Weaving and Wood Carving.Malaysian Cuisine, including detailed presentations of the exotic local fruits.Games and pasttime, including Kite Flying and Sepak Takraw .
Music and Dance including  Story Telling , Datun Julud  and Silat. Malaysians Myths  and Legends including  the magic of the kris and legends of princesses and sultans.Theater in Malaysia, including Wayang Kulit the famous shadow puppet play.

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