Exploring Negeri Sembilan: GENERAL ATTRACTIONS




Seremban Lake Gardens
Every town in Malaysia has a green lung, and Seremban's is particularly lovely. Two lakes situated amidst a gentle expanse of landscaped greenery add a refreshing respite from the heat. Cultural shows are held on a floating stage on one of the lakes. Overlooking the Lake Gardens is the State Mosque, with its nine pillars symbolising the nine districts of the State.

Cultural Handicraft Complex (Kompleks Taman Seni Budaya)
The Cultural Handicraft Complex, located at Labu Spur, displays various handicrafts and historic artifacts of Negeri Sembilan.

Negeri Sembilan State Museum (Istana Ampang Tinggi)
The state museum, situated within the Cultural Handicraft Complex, houses many historical artifacts of the state. The museum building was formerly the old palace at Kampong Ampang Tinggi. Built entirely of wood, it has been reassembled within this complex. Situated next to the museum is the "Rumah Minang" burned down by the British during the Sungai Ujung war.

Port Dickson
Port Dickson, situated about 32 km west of Seremban, is one of the best known seaside resorts in Malaysia. Its proximity to Kuala Lumpur makes it the favored resort for Malaysians.





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